Attention: All Harbor Cove Residents Urgent Message Regarding Your Questions!

Dear Resident(s)
We sincerely hope that everyone and their families are safe and dry. Now that the storm has passed and we are waiting for the water to reside, I know there are many questions. Many of you have contacted our sister properties, left voice messages, emails and Face Book message with a variety of questions concerning the conditions of your home with Harbor Cove. We will do our best to answer them all with what information we currently have.

The main questions were:

1. What was flooded? The entire first floor at Harbor Cove has been flooded but as high as six feet. It is still undetermined on how extensive the damage is, due to the amount of water currently standing.

We are unable to get our crew and contractors in for a full assessment. As soon as the water recedes, we can get a better idea of time frame and will advise via email.

2) When can I return home? This remains up to the local authorities as they are not allowing anyone in. As soon as they advise us, we will send out email and post of social media.

At that point, all first floor residents will need to promptly get items they want to salvage and sign a release for us to have the remaining items discarded by our contractors.

Within 1 to 2 days all salvageable will need to be removed due to the odor and potential for mold. We will immediately begin removing sheetrock as well.

3) How long will the cleanup take? We do not have information at this time. We have our contractors already lined out to attempt to restore power, water and most importantly sewer.

They will also be working to dry out a/c units as quick as possible. Keep in mind, if we do not get sanitation restored promptly, the 2nd and 3rd floors will not be habitable. This is a priority for us!

4) Repairs: To be fully functional may take several months. We plan to begin at Bldg 2 and move forward from there.

5) Lease and Rent: Your lease will be terminated for the 1st floor units upon your signature releasing the unit back to us. Rent will not be due for September.

Rent will be due on those wishing to keep their 2nd and 3rd floor apartments. Late charges will be waived of course through the 10th. Again, hopefully we can have the utilities back on as soon as power is back on.

6) Transfers: Is it an option to transfer to available apartments at other Francis Properties? Yes. We have apartments on hold that we have available but need to know quickly based on the high demand.

If I transfer to another Francis Property Management property, can I return home as soon as my home is ready? Yes, most definitely. Even though you are signing a lease please know that we will not charge lease break fees for you to transfer back to your home. That will be your option, just let us know.

7) Insurance claims: As the news indicates, file a claim with your renter’s insurance if you have flood coverage before the 1st. Please be advise that the first floor is completely flooded and a total loss.

For anyone that did not have rising water coverage, you may be eligible for assistance through FEMA, information provided below.

We are asking you to be patient and understanding as we put together a plan of action to move forward to restore the damage to this magnitude.

In order to communicate with everyone consistently and effectively our method of communication with you will be through electronic communication only, as this email blast by Rent Cafe’. Again we thank for your understanding and patient in this extremely urgent matter.

Kindest Regards,

Sharon Robinson CAM, CPO

Property Manager

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